5 Healthcare Related Jobs for Nursing Students:

5 Healthcare Related Jobs for Nursing Students:

One of the most beneficial things you can do as a nursing student to build your resume is to work in the healthcare field. This allows you to build your skills and experience and increases your confidence in communicating with both patients and co-workers. You can improve your time management skills and professional identity and gain connections for post-graduation. Another positive to working is to help you save money or help pay off school! Many of these jobs are seasonal to give you time to work on homework/studying since that is the reason you are in university/college. I have collected a list of multiple types of jobs you can work as a nursing student to help improve all of these skills.


  1. Healthcare Aide: Usually, once you have learned the basics of assisting patients with daily living activities, you become eligible to work in both hospitals and long-term care facilities. This is a great job to get your foot in the door to meet managers and gain experience with mobilizing patients, AM/HS care, peri-care, and feeding patients. 
  2. Employed Student Nurse: I have seen these positions offered to 2nd or 3rd year RN students (depending on which prerequisites you have completed.) These jobs can be in medical, surgical, maternity, emergency, ICU, and other areas. You work under the supervision of an RN but are given patient loads up to your capability. This allows you to practice being a nurse literally, plus you get paid! My employed student position on a maternity unit solidified my love for women’s health and has been a big help in pursuing a job in this area for post-graduation. 
  3. Hospital Porter: This job involves “picking up” patients in one hospital area and moving them to another area, whether other units or testing areas like X-Ray. This allows you to see the logistics of all areas of the hospital.
  4. Blood Donation Center/Phlebotomist: These jobs allow you to practice the skill of phlebotomy constantly, which will enable you to increase your competence. Generally, you will be required to take an additional course as part of the job training. 
  5. Summer Camp Nurse: A great short-term job for a nursing student who loves adventure/the outdoors. You will get lots of hands-on with first-aid style injuries, all while enjoying the fun of summer camp! Most of the positions I have seen in this category include accommodations in the wage.


The types of jobs in your city and province/state may vary, but continue checking out job boards and contacting unit managers to see what is available for you and your knowledge level. I have had the chance to work in both long-term care as a health care aide and as an employed nursing student on a maternity unit. These have given me 100’s of hours of experience to increase my confidence around patients, improve my communication with other healthcare professionals, make money and enjoy doing what I love. I have received many references for my future resume and connections for post-graduation jobs. I cannot recommend enough looking for a position that can boost your skills and resume. 


Written by: Holly Peacock

Instagram: babynurseholly


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