5 Tips to Stay Organized in Nursing School

5 Tips to Stay Organized in Nursing School

There is no denying that a lot comes with being a nursing student – exams, assignments, clinicals, group projects, and more. There is just always something to do! So how do you keep up with all these mounting work?

One of the key things I personally found extremely important to surviving nursing school is by creating a personal organization system. In other words… staying organized. And staying organized is patently unique to individuals. Some may want to write every single detail out in a planner, while others may want to digitize it through using apps. 

But here are a few tips of my very own that’s helped me stay organized in nursing school in no particular order!

  1. Print out your syllabus at the beginning of the semester. This gives you a preview of all the things you have due for a course and allows you to mentally prepare yourself for what you have in stored for each week. It also gives you an overview of the type of materials you need for that course in terms of preparation (i.e. what you need to read before class). 
  2. Create a master assignment sheet. THIS is my absolute favorite organizational tip! Once you have a preview of everything that is due for the quarter/semester via your syllabus, create a master sheet. The whole concept of a master sheet is placing ALL the assignments/due dates in one sheet so you know what you have due for the WHOLE quarter/semester and leaving a box for you to “check it off” once you have accomplished it. I have a video on this on my Instagram (@caffeinatedscrubs), and here’s how I did it: I used Google Sheets/Excel, where I created a row that listed out “Due Dates, Class, Assignment Type, Assignment Name, and Completed?” then just fill out the rest of the information based off your syllabus. Then color code it! I color coded mine based on the assignment type (i.e. red for homework, yellow for exams, etc). 
  3. Use a planner/calendar. I HIGHLY recommend having your own personal planner (and of course 10/10 recommend RekMed’s Student Nurse Planner) as it allows you to keep track of your weekly + monthly activities in a more detailed way, which includes your own personal time, such as scheduling in spending time with friends, going to the gym, or planning out your study time. I also recommend using an online calendar (I personally use Google Calendar) since it sends you notifications of what’s coming up. It’s especially helpful when you work, so you know what days you have work and how to space out study time for your class assignments/exams. Moreover, I also highly recommend scheduling in “you time” dedicated to helping you de-stress from nursing school and life in general. Once it’s scheduled in, you are more likely to do it! 
  4. Utilize colored pens/highlighters. It allows you to color code any and everything you need such as: classes and activities in your planner, as well as body systems in your personal lecture/study notes. Essentially, color coding allows for selective attention to take place so it helps your brain remember information a little easier. 
  5. Binders!!! If you don’t use digital notes, utilizing a binder can help you keep your lecture notes/clinical material in one place and keeps things neat and organized. 

Ultimately, utilize a method that you find works best for you. But I hope these little tips help you in some way too. Best of luck, friend! Always remember that you are more than capable of accomplishing anything that you set your mind to! 

Love, Annika Grace

Written by: Annika Grace

Instagram: @caffeinatedscrubs

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