How to Build Relationships While in Nursing School

How to Build Relationships While in Nursing School

Nursing school can feel like an incredibly scary, intimidating monster (and let's be honest, sometimes it is). However, the experience can improve significantly by gaining meaningful connections with your fellow classmates, instructors, and even potential places of employment. The first thing I do on every first day of the class gets at least one person's phone number. Yes, I am THAT person. Having a point of contact that isn't an instructor to discuss due dates, build a study group, or just a supportive friend has made my nursing school experience improve immensely. No one can quite understand nursing school's stress, pressure, and craziness quite like a fellow nursing student. It is important to stick together. It may take some time, but some of the best friends are made in nursing school. I have met some of the most supportive, helpful, intelligent group of girls since I began my journey, and it all started by stepping outside of my comfort zone and introducing myself.

Not only are professors amazing resources and full of experience, but they have also been in the shoes of a nursing student. Initiating and maintaining contact and relationships with your professors may benefit you academically and professionally. Many professors still work in the field and have connections at hospitals, so it is essential to foster positive relationships and soak up all that you can while in the role of nursing student. One of my professors, whom I had for three classes, remains one of the most influential people in my nursing school experience, and I look up to her as a nurse and educator every day. She showed warmth, support, and compassion through a time in which I was greatly struggling. I am confident that with her in my corner, I could continue to be successful in my studies despite everything going on in my personal life.

 Clinical placements are a wonderful opportunity to build upon knowledge and experience in the classroom and begin forming professional relationships. These opportunities may provide insight into specific areas of nursing that you do (or don't) prefer to work in, as well as certain hospitals or medical groups that you enjoy. Some of my classmates have even received offers to work as PCT's or CNA's following a clinical rotation, which can provide amazing experience prior to beginning your role as a nurse. Taking advantage of every opportunity and nourishing your relationships and connections in the field can truly make the difference between settling in a job and getting the position of your dreams. Best of luck to you in your nursing school journey, and make sure to water those meaningful relationships with those around you.


Written by: Kym Wisniewski

Instagram: kymstagram_bsntobe


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