How To Prevent Burn Out

How To Prevent Burn Out

Burn Out: Two words, especially during these times; we hear more about nursing school and the nursing field in general. It can be terrifying and brutal to hear about constantly. So how can we prevent this from happening to us? Here are some tips and tricks I have acquired over time to help you, hopefully!

Routines: Having a daily routine or planning out your week ahead of time can alleviate a lot of stress on you! When you become overwhelmed or constantly go go go with no direction or guide, it can weigh on your mind. So having a set plan daily of things going on, something you want to accomplish, and routines are beyond helpful. I make it a checklist layout, so as I go, I check things off, and I feel so much better seeing the list get shorter and shorter! It does not have to be anything crazy either. Daily I try to work out, journal, study, call a friend or family member, cook dinner, and get 7 hours of sleep. 

Get Moving: Find a small chunk of your day every day to get the body moving! For the longest time, I would say, “I have no time to work out or even walk!” YES, YOU DO!! Even just 30-minute breaks can be utilized! Working out or just moving your body, in general, can help increase your mood and focus! On days I do not have a lot going on, I try to get a solid workout in; on busier days, I try to carve out 30 minutes just to go outside and walk! Stepping away from the books and studying IS. OK. I promise. Everyone needs those breaks to mentally collect yourself so you can continue to conquer your day! Endorphins friends, endorphins.

Support: Ensuring you have the correct support system is so important. On your worst days, these are people you call or text. These are the people that are going to support you and remind you how awesome you are! Positivity is critical with your support persons; they need to be your #1 hype people!

Do Something for YOU: Whether it’s going to Starbucks for your coffee or getting nestled in bed to read your new favorite book, taking time for yourself is beyond important. I always say taking an hour a day or one full day off a week is so important. This allows your brain to get out of work and stress mode and into relaxation mode! If your mind is constantly going and never taking breaks, you will burn out faster. Allowing your mind, body, and soul to relax will allow you to continue every day being your best! 

Remember Your Why: On hard days where I felt like this was just too much for me, I would say “why.” “I am doing this for ___-.” I would say it out loud, in the mirror. I would write it down on a note five times. Remembering why you started this journey sometimes is all you need to keep going! Never forget how awesome you are! 


Written by: Haley Goff

Instagram: nursehaleyy


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