It’s Always Good to Take a Step Back!

Often we look back at our past traumas. Those traumas can motivate us or deter us from accomplishing our goals, even the small ones. In nursing school, we could be so busy that we forget to step back and breathe. To step back and reflect. We have to reflect on the things we learn, but we also have to reflect on our mental health. What are your needs and wants? Because if we constantly neglect ourselves, it can show up in our personal lives, school lives, and work-life. I remember a time in the military I neglected my mental health for months. I am constantly being out in the field and getting the mission done. Then one day, when I didn't have to worry about the mission and getting things done.
I realized that I didn't have a handle on things I needed for my mental health. I was depressed, full of anxiety every day. Nursing school is challenging and very time-consuming. It's so easy to get lost in all of it between clinical, care plans, reading assignments, and homework. I tell my classmates every time: STEP BACK! Spend time with family, go for a walk on a beautiful fall evening, treat yourself to a mani-pedi, do some retail therapy. You will not be less of a person, less of a student, less of a nurse, because you decided to take some time for YOU!

You'll be able to tell others your story, your struggles, doubts, and fears. But you'll also be able to tell others how you were able to step back, reflect, breathe, and move forward. You are not your anxiety; you are not your depression. Don't let your failures in the past determine the future tomorrow. I had to stay after high school and spend my summers retaking classes because I failed them. As a nursing student, my grades are fantastic, and surprising how well I'm doing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting yourself first. To stay ready and focused, find out what you need. Take a moment to yourself. Never pour from an empty cup. You're so close to living that dream, being able to take care of others, and always learning from someone. Remember that you are not your past! What's for you will be for you and never pass you by. Step back, refocus, and go after it!


Written by: Devianta Ellis

Instagram: studentnurse.dre

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