Networking: The Importance of Building YOUR Tribe in Nursing School!

During our nursing school journeys, we have heard many things about success in school and success in our future careers. Throughout my clinical experiences, I had the opportunity to shadow and meet so many incredible nurses who had great tips and tricks along with advice. But one piece of advice I will never forget I received from a nurse I had shadowed for a day, "Go ahead and keep building YOUR tribe; the earlier, the better." Hmm… that is an odd statement, and I thought about it all day. I already have my tribe- all my friends and family? What does she even mean? 

Fast forward to my final quarter in nursing school, and one day as I sat filling out applications for graduate positions, cover letters, reading over letters of recommendations. Taking the time to reflect on my journey truly, like a ton of bricks, finally hit me. Just because I already had a "tribe" didn't mean it was done growing. 

Remember, as a kid, hear your parents say, "it takes a village." Well, this is how I think of building a tribe. Yes, do not get me wrong, your friends and family will always be your number one support system!! They are the base and foundation of your tribe. But, never forget about those you met along the way that has helped or may one day help you in your journey. Your professors, the nurses you meet or shadow at clinical, the preceptors, your final rotation, your fellow nursing classmates! Think about it, what if one day one of those individuals interviews you for a job? Helps you find or land that dream job? Teaches you a concept or trick that you carry through your next 30+ years of nursing? 

With every encounter, remember, you are building YOUR tribe. If there is someone you connect with, see if they would make a good fit! Introduce yourself, make a great first impression, ask questions, be present and engaged, be willing to help!! Those little things will make an everlasting impression on someone- and they will remember you don't you worry!! Some may want to keep in contact and want to get help with their future endeavors! They will want to be a part of your tribe- they want to watch you succeed and do great things! 

There will come a time when you may need help with a job or something like getting a letter of recommendation. How amazing of a feeling to be able to send a quick email or have a phone call and have that help at the tip of your fingers? To have the support behind you at all times? When a future employer asks, "What do you know about ___ (put your name here), they have nothing but great things to say!

I don't know about you, but I would be nowhere without my tribe!


Written by: Haley Goff

Instagram: nursehaleyy

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