Normalize Imperfections: The Nursing Journey

Normalize Imperfections: The Nursing Journey

Nursing is one of the most demanding fields that someone can enter into. Maybe I am biased, but I also feel it is a fact. It takes a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional health… you stand on your feet for up to 12 hours a day, helping heal the sick and wounded, giving your everything to this field daily! There is constant pressure to be perfect at what you do, from your friends, family, teachers, future employers, and the most prominent critic of all, yourself. The pressure comes from all sides, and most of the time, it is not intentional! We want to be the best for our patients. I remember being back in nursing school… the pressure I would put myself under would lead to anxiety and make it so hard to focus or do much of anything. Then one day, it clicked… What is the definition of perfection?

I am anxious over things out of my control! Perfection, how do you measure it?! How do you know once you reach it… you can not. No one in the field of nursing is perfect, and that itself is perfect! Once you take that test… you can not go back and change anything, so why do you sit in the hall and stress? Yes, we want the grades to pass and push forward, but one lousy grade does NOT mean a bad nurse. Did not do well on a clinical site… ask your professor for feedback and improvement. Is it worth worrying over it to improve your performance? Nope. Bad days do NOT mean bad nurses! Struggling in a subject? EVERY nurse has a weakness… spend extra time on that subject! Weakness does not mean you won’t be a good nurse!! You ARE and WILL be a fantastic nurse no matter what!

Imperfections are honestly unique, and it shows you have room to grow, learn and work towards goals. Isn’t that everyone’s goal? If we were all perfect… we would never have improvements. We would never see growth in the knowledge we learn or the practices we use! Imperfections make you who you are and who you are is perfect! Now, take a deep breath, look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself how amazing you are! This is YOUR journey… no one else’s! You CAN and WILL do this… even with the little imperfections. :)


Written by: Haley Goff

Instagram: nursehaleyy


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Sep 03, 2021
April paoff Rn

You absolutely need to make these for specialty.I am a Labor & Delivery nurse would love to have one for that.Your planners are great!

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