Positive Affirmations & Manifestations for Nursing Students

Positive Affirmations & Manifestations for Nursing Students

The one thing that truly got me through nursing school mentally was practicing the routine of affirmations and manifestations. Affirmations are a short phrase/sentence that can provide motivation, inspiration and encouragement towards taking action to achieve all the goals. Manifestation is the process of taking an idea, a dream, a goal, or a vision and taking the steps necessary to make it a reality. As a nursing student, the key to success is to have a good study process as well as a healthy mindset. With setting your affirmations at the beginning of the day and expelling your manifestations into the universe, you can set positive ground for yourself.

Some daily affirmations that I told myself before I start a shift, class, test, or to get the stay started would have to be the following:

I am worthy of success
I am enough
I am right where I am supposed to be
I am resilient
I am a BOSS.


You can cater manifestations and affirmations to your life and individuality but what is important is that you do not expect these things to happen at a specific time. The universe will provide/reciprocate the energy back if you do the same.
Give it a try & let me know some manifestations + affirmations you apply to your life <3 :)

Let’s claim the life we’ve all been wanting.


Written by: Kayla Del Mundo

Instagram: Kayla_delmundo

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