So Close But Yet.. So Close. Remembering Your End Goal

So Close But Yet.. So Close. Remembering Your End Goal

We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think we can all agree that this semester of nursing school has pushed us, motivated us, caused us stress, or brought us the best days of learning. With only one more week in the semester, we've been assigned homework, ATI's, and studying material for our finals. What makes it all worth it is the amount of knowledge and skills I've learned. I remember looking at the material a few weeks before school started. I closed my dosage calculations textbook just as quickly as I opened it. I was so nervous because I saw things that made me think: "Is nursing school for me?" But as the semester went on, I excelled in something that I feared. My class chose me to be class representative, which motivated me to go harder. I would constantly hear, "You're the smartest in the class." That made me feel really good inside. We had a test one week, and I remember making my first C on an exam. Everybody would say, "well, if you didn't do good, then I know I didn't." It put so much pressure on me because I didn't know my classmates believed in passing every exam. But again, it motivated me to make sure I understood the material and made sure my classmates knew the material. 

Another thing that kept my head up this semester was my parents. Both of my parents have been diagnosed with a plethora of diseases and illnesses.; diabetes, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, etc. I needed to understand the content because I knew it would make my mother and father proud to ask me things or tell them about the things I learned in class regarding their health.

Remember why you started as we reach the end of this tiring semester. You will finish nursing school and advance to the next semester. If you weren't smart enough, you wouldn't have been chosen for the program. Not many people can sign up for nursing school, not only because it's hard but because it requires a special heart. A calling. And we all have answered our calling. So during the break, remind yourself how you kept going after failing an exam or not being able to get the material the day of the lecture but a friend, a family member, or our pets offered up a listening ear. At the same time, we try to develop ways to make the content stick. Now you are here. You are advancing and becoming the person you envision during your pinning ceremony. Let's go, future nurses!


Written by: Devianta Ellis

Instagram: studentnurse.dre


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