What's in my Bag? Nursing Student Essentials

What's in my Bag? Nursing Student Essentials

Every person has their essentials in their gym bag, makeup bag, or purse, but nursing students having essentials that can help through their nursing school journey. There’s a huge pile of items I've collected throughout my three years of nursing school that I believe EVERY nursing student needs to succeed. Below are some of the items I highly suggest if you are going into nursing or a current nursing school student.

RekMed Organizer:
I am the messiest person in terms of keeping all my things together in one place. Sometimes, it is like a treasure hunt trying to find my penlight. But, yet again, RekMed saved me with their compact organizer that I use as my pencil pouch and clinical essentials organizer. The organizer is a hard-shell case that can keep it all together and protect all your valuables.

Colorful Gel Pens & Highlighters:
I LIVE for colored gel pens and highlighters! It’s best to have if you are the type to organize your planner and your nursing notes. It truly makes everything much more straightforward and clear to study with. My favorite brand of pens has to be the Pilot Precise V5 RT Gel Pens in assorted colors, and my favorite highlighters are these pastel highlighters from Daiso.

RekMed Planner:
I genuinely wish I discovered RekMed’s student planner sooner than my last year of nursing school. I always recommend to all future and current nursing students a planner to keep themselves organized, but as well as that, the RekMed Student Nurse Planner 2.0 is the absolute staple for all things organization, a helpful resource for NCLEX questions with a small review of fundamentals and more! When I first opened the planner, I could already tell I was going to like it with how well it is formatted, and my favorite part of the planner are the stickers provided! It has almost ten pages worth of stickers so that you will be set for the year :)

Water Bottle:
Hydration is absolutely KEY during lectures and clinical days, so I always have my insulated water bottle on deck. It’s almost a personality trait to have a water bottle in one hand and your nursing notes for the next exam in the other. I personally get my water bottle from TJMAXX, but you can get some adorable and cheap ones from Amazon.

Cute Badge Reel: 
This is not a real essential for nursing students, but it is to me (hehe). I love rocking my personality with cute badge reels from small businesses on Instagram. If I ever have the chance to support a small business, I would in a heartbeat! <3

Foldable Clipboard:
During clinicals, it is always super important to have extra paper or a notepad to have on hand. Always want to write down notes on your change-of-shift report, assessments, or care plans. I’ve gotten my blue foldable from Amazon! The clipboard also includes essential vital signs, basic fundamentals of nursing, and lab values to know.

Snacks on deck @ ALL times!
I don’t know about you guys, but I am that one nursing student who has a bucket load of snacks during lectures and clinical days. I am always hungry, so it’s always nice to have something on deck to keep you alert and energized! Go-to favorite snacks have to be VERB bars, any fruit, and veggie straw sticks!
Personally, these are my must-haves for nursing student essentials in my nursing bag! I am sure there are so many more I could name, but these are the ones I NEED in my bag :)


Written by: Kayla Del Mundo

Instagram: Kayla_delmundo

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