Frequently Asked Questions

My order is taking longer than expected to arrive, why is this?

**Due to the ongoing impacts of covid & the high shipping volume carriers are experiencing this holiday season, we cannot guarantee a delivery will arrive in time for Christmas**

Please know we feel just the same way you do about seeing your package delayed. It is well known now that the USPS and all carriers can experience lower staffing counts and other challenges COVID-19 has brought to the shipping industry. We want to best accommodate our amazing nursing community, so while most of the packages we have sent are arriving within the expected time frame, give or take a few days, there are times when packages will be delayed for longer. Now that the holiday season is here, we are required to wait 12 days past the expected delivery date before we can file a claim and send a replacement or offer a refund.

If your tracking information says the package is in transit but arriving late, please allow up to 12 days from the expected delivery date to pass for the arrival of your package. 99% of the time packages will be delivered by then. If it has been past 12 days since your expected delivery date, you can either ask for a refund or we can send you another shipment.

We understand how frustrating it is to have an important package delayed in the mail, and we thank you for your patience and support during this time. We are always here to answer any questions and to help make sure you are taken care of, so please email us at!

It says my planner is in transit / LABEL CREATED / but nothing has scanned?

Due to Covid-19 USPS does not always do hand scanning at this time to reduce transmission of germs.  Just because the tracking isn’t updated does NOT mean your package isn’t moving.  Packages are all sent through priority mail and typically take 2-5 business days to get to you. Now that the holiday season is here, your package may take longer to arrive if the carrier encounters delays. If your package does not arrive within 12 business days of the expected date, you can email us at and we can file a claim and either send a replacement or issue a refund.

**Due to the ongoing impacts of covid & the high shipping volume carriers are experiencing this holiday season, we cannot guarantee a delivery will arrive in time for Christmas**

When do your planners become available throughout the year? When do the covers change?

We offer 3 different calendar versions of our Student Nurse Planners throughout the year, and typically open a pre-sale one month before the release date. We also make a customer waitlist available 2-6 months before the scheduled release date.

January-December Dated PlannersUndated PlannersAugust-July Dated Planners

* 2021 UPDATE: While we were looking to have our 2022 dated Student Nurse and Nurse Planners available in November, after speaking with our production company again, and seeing the impacts of the current supply chain/shipping challenges going on across the country and world right now (including a short supply of paper/cover stock), we are unsure at this time if we are going to have our dated 2022 planners by the end of this year. We may not be able to offer those until the beginning of 2022. We are making plans to work around this in the meantime with some new upcoming product offerings that will be launching this month!!! We have exciting things on the way, and you can sign up here to receive our email updates and scroll down to inbox me!

We do have our UN-DATED Student Nurse Planner waiting list up, and these are due to arrive at the end of November and you can sign up here to be the first to know when they are available for purchase.


Every full calendar year we update the look and content of each planner. Just like your phone, we label the updated planners by a version number, 2.0, 3.0, etc for each calendar year. Version upgrades include changes in colors, layouts, internal pages such as trackers, lists, divider tabs, stickers.  The weekly questions and activity/learning pages all get upgrades in content, while some pages explaining disease processes stay the same. We also add the most up to date educational information so we can provide the highest level quality of planners for our medical community.  

Currently our planner covers change with each new calendar year.  We now have a few color options to choose from on each product page. We plan to expand these options in the future as we grow. At this time covers are not customizable. 

Can I buy this if I’m not in Nursing School yet?

ABSOLUTELY!The Student Nurse Plannertakes ‘the hard stuff’ about medicine/pathology and made it SIMPLE.  We have a large amount of high school students that have not taken a college level course who are able to fully comprehend our activity pages and learning pages.  You don’t need to be in college to understand Congestive Heart Failure.  We break it down for you no matter what level you are! 

Will the Critical Care Nurse Planner help me if I’m already a Nurse? NP? Med Student?

Definitely!The Critical Care Nurse Plannerhas over 100 pages of advanced topics that will provide an advanced nurse with helpful resources for their school, shifts, or beginning of a critical care profession. We have a lot of veteran nurses that have used this planner and our new grad nurses that utilize this planner as well.  Our nclex style questions are more on the moderate to difficult range, but the rationales in the back are extremely helpful for education purposes. We cover balloon pumps, Lvads, hemodynamics, sedation, CRRT, ARDS/Prone, and so very much more.

What is the difference between an UNDATED planner and the other planners?

Our UNDATED planner is just that- NO DATES! Yes you still have the monthly, weekly views, but the dates are not pre-printed.  We DO provide stickers in the back of the planner so you can fill this in yourself. This means you can start your planner at anytime you’d like and not waste pre-dated months.  Additionally, you have the freedom to skip a month if you haven’t filled it in so you can customize your planner any way you’d like.  We know not all nursing programs start at the same time, so this gives you the freedom to utilize the planner’s learning pages before you even start school! 

I have questions about the Digital Planners...

We now offer a digital version of our Undated Student Nurse Planner. We have additional digital planners in production and will be available soon!

The digital planner is an instant download, and is not a physical product. You will need to have the GoodNotes or Notability App installed on your Apple device, or Noteshelf App for your Android device.You can find & download GoodNotes or Notability in the Apple App Store and Noteshelf on Google Play on your device. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to download your PDF file of the digital Student Nurse Planner. After downloading the file, you can import the Student Nurse Planner into GoodNotes or Notability for Apple, or Noteshelf for Anroid.

**For videos on how to use the planner, see our tiktok@JennRekMed

Step 1: Please have the GoodNotes or Notability or Noteshelf app installed on your device.

Step 2: Click on the download link in your email to download the PDF file to your device. If you can't find your download, please click here for help on locating the file on Apple devices, and click here to find the file for Android devices.

Step 3: Open the GoodNotes or Notability or Noteshelf App and import the file into the app.

For help with GoodNotes, click here.

For help with Notability, click here. For help importing a file into notability, click here.

For help with Noteshelf, click here.

**When you log into GoodNotes or Notability or Noteshelf, it will sync your files across your devices. More info on sync can also be found on their supports pages in the links above.

You are allowed 2 download attempts during a 2 week time period. If you have any issues, please email and have your download email handy with your order information so we can assist you!

What size is the planner?

7 x 10, and approx 225 inner pages, 15 divider tabs, and 6 sticker pages (this may very slightly among planners).  

When are the MEGA CASES arriving?

We are so sorry that our cases have been stuck in this supply chain craziness going on right now. They still are not releasing the cases to us because of negotiations between the trucking co and the warehouse, while the cases have been stuck, they accrue a fee, and apparently is being negotiated on what the correct amount should be. We are very frustrated that they keep changing the timing on us. We are still waiting on an official delivery date. We can't wait until this whole supply chain nightmare is over for these cases!!

If you ordered a mega case, please let us know if you would like a refund and we can issue that for you, or if you would like to continue to wait for their arrival.

Please sign up HERE for mega case and product updates. 

Promotions and Discounts

If you purchased a printed Undated Student Nurse Planner 3.0 during our Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotional sale (11/25/21-11/29/21), and received a free digital planner, if for any reason you return the undated printed student nurse planner 3.0, you will be charged the full amount for the digital planner on your account.