The Nurse Workbook Paperback

by RekMed

The ultimate Nurse Book you didn't know you needed!  Stop memorizing and using cheat sheets!  This book will help you understand medical conditions from the basic fundamental level and up to advanced hemodynamics.  

** This workbook is a Kickstarter Success Story!**  Thank you to the 750+ people that helped bring this workbook to life by believing in it!  

-  This is a paperback version only 

- +180 spiral bound interactive pages to help you develop your critical thinking 

  • the workbook combines the educational information taken from the back of BOTH our Student Nurse & Nurse planners, and includes test your knowledge worksheets for each topic. (The workbook does not have any planning/calendar pages.)
  • topic examples: anatomy, cardiac, respiratory, renal, neuro, multi-system, gastro, labs, volume and much more! 

- 7x10 size

- Best for all nurses entering ER / ICU positions, New-grads, and Student Nurses! 

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