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UNDATED DIGITAL Student Nurse Planner plus student educational content!

by RekMed


For everyone who asked if we offer a digital version of our most popular planner, here it is! It's everything you love about the Student Nurse Planner- at your finger tips (or stylus!)

The digital download works in GoodNotes or Notability for Apple devices, and Noteshelf for Android devices. We do not recommend using with Microsoft Windows or with a device that is not a touch screen. 

  • Fully customize your digital planner & get organized. *bonus- no erase marks or crossing out 🙌


  • Easily click back and forth between your class schedule, monthly/weekly views, weekly NCLEX style prep questions, 65+ nursing content & activity pages, labs, anatomy and more so you can better understand the core concepts you will need to know for school and your shift! 


  • Add on digital stickers to elevate your digital planner, because who doesn't love stickers?! 



**This is an instant download, and is not a physical product. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to download your PDF file of the digital Student Nurse Planner. After downloading the file, you can import the Student Nurse Planner into GoodNotes or Notability for Apple, or Noteshelf for Android. You can find & download GoodNotes or Notability in the Apple App Store  and Noteshelf in Google Play on your device.  YOU CAN OPEN THESE APPS ON YOUR IPHONE/DROID AND IPAD! NOW YOU CAN TAKE ALL THIS WITH YOU TO YOUR SHIFT!
This is a copyrighted product and not for resale or redistribution. This can lead to a fine or penalty by law.

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