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Digital Add-On pages for RekMed Digital Planners

by RekMed

Our TEN TEMPLATE - SEVEN COLOR THEMES - 70 PAGE Digital Add-On pages are made so you can TRULY customize and plan your life!  Included in this download:


RekMed Classic, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, Orange, Teal 


Cover Swap:  Want to have a different cover on your digital planner?  Pick one of our colors to swap in and out! 

Daily Dosage: track your priorities, meals, daily tasks, water intake, mood, etc.

Yearly Snapshot: 12 month view to plan out your year

Password Tracker: Info boxes to write down your clinicals, usernames, passwords, facilities, notes, etc.

Contact List:  Wanna link your friends socials to their contacts? You can here!

Birthdays & Anniversaries:  12 month view to write down when to celebrate

Weekly Habit Tracker:  List 10 custom habits you wanna maintain every week

30 Day Habit Tracker:  Three big habits to track in a 30-day view.  Start / Stop / Reward blocks to keep it organized.

Workout Tracker: Write down your exercises, reps, weight, motivation level, water intake, and meals

Vision Board: Got big plans this month? This year? Here is the best place to reflect on the vision you have in the following areas: personal, career, money, hobbies, health, love, family, education, and customize yours!