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by RekMed

Our DOUBLE-SIDED Brain Report Writing Notepad

This notepad will be one of your best friends to take to your shift!  Tired of hand writing everything and folding up plain paper?  Not anymore! Now you can have all 4 of your patients in ONE place!  Are you in critical care?  Our ER/ICU brain is perfect for your 2 patient ratio!   Happy shift ya'll! 

The Nurse Brain - one double sided sheet EQUALS = 4 patients (4:1)

ER ICU Brain - one double sided sheet EQUALS = 2 patients (2:1)

All notepads contain 50 sheets = 50 shifts!  The average nurse works 156 shifts a year (standard 3 day / 36hr work week).  Want a pack of three to cover the year - save $5!

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